Peter Engelsmann - Murals

About the Artist

Peter Engelsmann working on
Peter working on "Harbor Springs Window" trompe l'oeil mural
Artist and muralist Peter Engelsmann has specialized in creating original commissioned artwork since 1995. He is best known for his highly detailed hand painted murals, designed for various residential and commercial spaces. Much of his work is realistic spacial illusion (“trompe l’oeil”), intended to create a sense of three-dimensional space, often through the depiction of architectural and landscape elements painted in perspective. He is also known for life-like depictions of animals and lush painted natural settings. His murals have ranged from small decorative commissions to highly elaborate painted environments. He has created custom murals for a wide range of clients, including homeowners, designers, businesses, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, churches and schools. Peter's murals are collaborations between artist and client, each project specifically designed and executed for it’s intended space.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Peter obtained a degree in studio art from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. After graduating, he returned to St. Louis, where he designed and donated a jungle themed mural to “Our Little Haven” (left), a non-profit residential facility for children. The project was featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and requests for commissions followed. Soon he was painting full time, taking on larger and more elaborate commissions, continually refining his craft for a growing list of clients. In the years since, Peter has built an extensive body of work, a portion of which can be seen in the portfolio.

Peter Engelsmann painting a mural for 2005 NCAA Final Four
Peter working on "Final Four" mural
The characteristic style of Peter’s work is often highly realistic, however he is capable of creating murals in a wide variety of styles depending on the project. In addition to vivid trompe l’oeil paintings (see Vineyard Window and Living Room Stable), he has created abstract murals (O'Keefe Bathroom), folk art murals (Farm Hallway), and many others, all of which are designed to complement existing decorative schemes. His murals have been painted on many different surfaces, from wallboard and plaster, to wood, brick, and concrete. Each surface is thoroughly prepared to insure optimal longevity and paintings are created using the latest in environmentally friendly materials. In addition to interior and exterior walls, Peter has painted murals on ceilings, floors, on furniture and on canvas. A portion of his murals are created off-site and subsequently installed.

Peter’s murals can be found in many spaces throughout the St. Louis area and beyond, including the
Drury Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Louis, the Melting Pot restaurant in the University City Loop, Rohan Woods School in Rock Hill, Balaban's restaurant in Chesterfield, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He has worked with many area designers including Diane Breckenridge Interiors and Directions In Design. His work has been featured in publications including the St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles, and the Ladue News. Read more about certain featured murals and the process of creating them in Peter's blog.

In addition to painting, Peter is also an avid photographer, and occasional filmmaker. He lives in St. Louis.